Pipe and Structural WeldingNM-5409 repair window

C&E Industrial Services Inc. has an excellent team of certified industrial welders and pipe fitters prepared to arrive on-site ready for any situation. Our quality control professionals will inspect the project to insure all specifications and procedures are met and followed. 

C&E welding complies with the Jurisdictional Authority, ASME, and The National Inspection Code. With a Quality Control System for repairs and alterations, our workforce can be set up on-site almost immediately.

C&E has welders with certifications in a variety of different welding procedures

Certified SMAW and GTAW Welders
Specialty Boiler Tube and Hot Spot Repairs

We are certified for repairs and or alterations to Pressure Retaining Items (PRI) by the National Inspection Code. Certifications include R-Stamp, S-Stamp, and U-Stamp Certification Marks.

We also fabricate and install piping with our proficient certified pipefitters, Our Certified Welders are tested to comply with ASME, NBIC regulations for welding a variety of different metals and alloys:

* Alloy-20                         * Hastelloy              * Monel
* Carbon                            * Inconel                 * Stainless
* Chrome





Post Weld Heat Treat Services

C&E Industrial Services, Inc. Heat Treat team is ready to work in Refineries, Petrochemical plant, Gas plants, Oil fields, Mines, Power generating plants (nuclear, fossil and  hydro), Metal processing and fabrication shops. Offering services for Preheating and stress relief of piping, Pressure vessels and fabrication, as well as shop heat treating for new construction, plant maintenance and fabrication.

PWHT 3      PreHeat